Simple sentences about winter


Sentences Used In Winter

All seasons have their own speciality, be it, summer, spring or winter. The favourite season of each individual is different, some like summer and some winter. For English learning purpose, we should know about sentences which are used in these seasons. Here we will learn some interesting sentences used in these seasons.

Let’s look at some of the simple sentences about winter.

आज बहुत कड़ाके ठंड है | It is frosty/biting cold today.
उसको ठंड लग गई| He has stuck today by cold.
मुँह से धुआँ निकल रहा है| I can see my breath in the air /Smoke coming out of the mouth.
बाहर जाने से पहले अपने आपको ढक लो| Bundle yourself up before going out/Cover yourself before going out.
अपने दस्ताने पहन लो | Put on your gloves/mittens.
मुझे चेहरे बहुत ज्यादा ठंड लग रही है| I am feeling biting cold on my face/I have a very cold face.
हाथ पैरो की कुल्फी जम रही है | Hands and feet are turning icy cold.
ठंड के कारण पैरों की उंगलियां सूज रही है | My toes have got frost bite due to cold/the toes are swollen due to the cold.
चलो धूप सैंके | Let’s bask in the sun.
अपने हाथो को आग से सेंक कर गरम कर लो| Thaw your hands at fire.
फटे होठों पर बाम लगा लो | Embalm your chapped lips.
सर्दियों में सोते रहना अच्छा लगता है| Love to hibernate in winter/It is nice to sleep in winter.



Yell – Yelp, Scream, Screech, Cry.

Meander – Zig-Zag, drift, Curve.

Ordinary – Hackneyed, Mediocre, Generic.

Barrier – Hurdle, Obstacle, Hindrance.

Let us understand some of these words with an example.

  • He did a yelp when he hit by a table.
  • His supporters screamed that injustice is being done to him.
  • The pilot did not notice any drift.
  • Biker drifted the bike suddenly at the turning point.
  • Mediocre person can easily be mislead.
  • In Corona period, we all are facing hurdles in our life.
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