Simple Past Tense with Examples

Simple Past Tense

Simple Past Tense

Simple past tense is used for one complete action at a time before now. The time of action may be in recent times or in the distant past and the period of action is not significant.


  • Shivam went to the stadium for playing cricket.
  • We saw an action movie last Sunday.


In the simplest term,

जिन वाक्यों अंत में किया , आया, खाया, गया जैसे शब्द आते है, वहाँ  Past Indefinite Tense होता है|


Rules of Past Simple Tense: –

Rule = “Subject + 2nd form of verb + object.”


  • I wrote article on different topic.
  • We went for shopping together.
  • They reached cinema hall on time.
  • Students enjoyed the sports day.


Rule of How to form Negative of Past Simple Tense

“Subject + did + not + Verb (Ist form) + object.”

You may also use didn’t instead of did not.

Let’s understand with some examples:

  • I didn’t listen songs today.
  • I did not help him.
  • I did not attend the college function.
  • I did not cook.


How to ask a question by the Rule of Interrogative

Formula: did + Subject + Verb (Ist form) + object?

Let’s look at examples:

  • Did you complete the paper on time?
  • Did they enjoy the song?
  • Did he go to the mall yesterday?
  • Did they watch the movie?


Rule of Interrogative + negative

 Formula: did + Subject + not + Verb (Ist form) + object?

Let’s have a glance over examples:

  • Did He not eat breakfast?
  • Did I not go to the temple?
  • Did Seeta not go to the market?
  • Did we not play cricket?


Rule of WH family sentences

 Formula: W/H word + did + Subject + Verb (Ist form) + object?

Let’s understand with examples:

  • When did he come to meet you?
  • How did Reena reach there?
  • Where did she go for shopping?


Change the verbs in the brackets to the simple past:

  • They all (GO)…………


  • I never (Imagine)………………you would do it.


  • I (Eat)……………two bread in the basket.


  • He (take)…………… from the library.


  • I did not (watch)……………..this movie.


  • Shalini (cook)………………delicious food yesterday.


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