Present Continuous Tense with Examples

Present Continuous Tense

Present Continuous Tense

Continuous Tense is an action that is incomplete or on going. In simple words, when we want to tell or ask about the continuity of actions or event than we should follow the present continuous tense. It is also called progressive tense. The present continuous tense is used for verbs occurring for an action that is incomplete.

Formation of the Present Continuous Tense

The present continuous tense is formed by using the rule:

Affirmative or Simple

Subject + is/am/are + 1st form of the verb + ing + obj

For Example:

  • Ram is eating food.
  • She is drinking water.
  • Ramesh is driving the car.

Negative Sentences – To make a negative sentence in this tense, put ‘not’ between the helping verb and the main verb

Subject + is/am/are + not + 1st form of the verb + ing + obj

For Example:

  • She is not completing her work.
  • It’s not raining.
  • She is not closing the door.

Interrogative or Question Sentences – To ask question you must follow:

Is/am/are + Subject + 1st form of the verb + ing + obj?

For Example:

  • Is Seeta cooking the food?
  • Is he going to walk?
  • Are they playing in the garden?

W/H Question Sentences – It is also use to ask question, you must follow this rule:

W/H + Is/am/are + Subject + 1st form of the verb + ing + obj?

W/H family includes Which, Where, How, When….etc.

For Example:

  • Where is she working?
  • When is he leaving for office?
  • When are they playing?


Do a worksheet for practice to get a better understanding.

First Worksheet – Tick the correct word in the brackets:

  1. The girl (is/am/are) wearing beautiful dress.
  2. Sparrows (is/am/are) chirping on the tree.
  3. We (is/am/are) learning grammar.
  4. People (is/am/are) walking in the street.
  5. I (is/am/are) flying kite high in the sky.

Second Worksheet – Fill in the blank with correct form of present continuous verb:

  1. She ———— chocolate.     (eat)
  2. My friend————the birthday. (celebrate)
  3. It————outside.   (rain)
  4. The children ————noise.  (make)
  5. The teacher———— the class. (teach)

Share your answer in the comment box.

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You can also understand by the video by clicking here.


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