How to introduce yourself in English

How to Introduce yourself in English

Today’s topic is “How to introduce yourself in English”. In this play, a family arrives and settles in a new state. Their child is present on their first school day and the whole family attends their neighbour’s party. Thus, a group of people can play this game and use these dialogues below and you also may add your sentences but the play should be in the English language as it will definitely enhance our English speaking. It will also eradicate our hesitation. So, let’s begin with fun:

Rakesh: Hi.

Satish: Hi. Welcome to the neighbourhood.

Rakesh: Thank you

Satish: I’m Satish your neighbour next door.

Rakesh: It’s nice to meet you Satish I’m Rakesh, this is my wife Simran and these are my children.

Satish: I’m very pleased to meet you all. We’re having a barbecue on Saturday and we thought you might like to come. Lots of the neighbours will be there. I think it will be fun for you to meet them.

Rakesh: Thank you for the invitation. That’s very nice of you. We would love to come. Simran: What can we bring?

Satish: oh, you don’t need to bring anything. Don’t worry about that. I have to travel now if you would like anything you’ll drop in our house anytime.

Rakesh: okay, thanks a lot.

Satish: Have a nice day.

Rakesh: You too.

Satish: Bye.

Rakesh: Bye.

Simran: Are you nervous about tomorrow Kittu?

Kittu: Yes, I am. I don’t know anyone I will feel so alone is so strange what if nobody will like me?

Simran: That’s not going to happen. You are such a kind and intelligent girl. I’m sure you’ll make friends very quickly.

Kittu is in school: How to introduce yourself in School

Teacher: Good morning class.

Students: Good Morning, Mrs Stewart! It’s so good to see you all again! I hope your summer holiday was great! I would like you to meet your new classmate Kittu Verma.

Kittu: Hello everyone. Nice to meet you!

Teacher: Please tell us where you’re from and how old you are?

Kittu: I come from the Uttarakhand. I was born in a small town. We moved here two weeks. I am 12 years old and I would love to be able to make lots of friends this school.

Teacher: Welcome to our school Kittu. We hope you will feel great here with us. Look there’s a free seat by the window you’ll sit there.

Now, Break time is start and dialogues in the canteen.

Kittu: Thank you. Hi, do you mind if I seat here.

Anu: No, I don’t mind. Please have a seat. I’m Anu.

Kittu: Thanks. Nice to meet you, Anu.

Anu: Nice to meet you too. So, you are from hill station that is so nice. You must miss your home and your friends very much.

Kittu: oh, yes I do indeed, though I have only been living here for two weeks.

Anu: Come and sit here with us, guys! This is Simi and this is Divu. They are our classmates, too.

Kittu: Nice to meet you.

Simi: Kittu nice to meet you, too.

Kittu: Where are you from, Simi? Your name sounds Asian.

Simi: I’m from Punjab.

Kittu: So, you are Punjabi?

Simi: I am half Punjabi and half Gujarati. You see, my mom’s from Punjab and my dad’s from the Gujarat.

Kittu: Really? How long have you been living here?

Simi: I have been living here for five years.

Kittu: So, how do you like it here?

Simi: I like it very much because I have lots of friends and relatives. Do you have any siblings, Kittu?

Kittu: Yes, I’ve got an older brother. He is 14 and he attends this school, too.

Divu: What is your favourite subject?

Kittu: It’s Science but I also like Physical Education. By the way, I would like to join a swimming club. Do you know where it is?

Divu: I do! I am in the school swimming team. You can come with me after classes. Kittu: Great! Thanks.

Divu: Do you live far from school.

Kittu: No, My home is just a 15-minute walk from school.

Anu: What a coincidence I live there too. We also can meet later after school and We will enjoy.

Kittu: That’s a gorgeous idea! I would love to.

How to introduce yourself in the party – Dialogues at a neighbour’s party

Satish: Welcome to our home. I’m glad you could make it. Please meet my wife Sakshi and my daughters. Sakshi! These are our new neighbours, Rakesh, his wife Simran and their lovely children.

Rakesh: Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Sakshi: Hello it’s a pleasure to meet you too.

Simran: Hi, I’m Simran.

Sakshi: Hi, it’s really nice to meet you. So, how are you settling in?

Simran: Fine thanks. We simply love this neighbourhood.

Sakshi: I can give you some tips on places to go and things to do in this area.

Simran: That would be lovely thank you.

Aryan: Where are you from?

Kittu: We’re from the Uttarakhand.

Aryan: Wow that’s so nice Kittu and I have already met each other at school. Can you believe your classmate?

Kittu: That’s such a pleasant surprise.

Satish: Okay I’d like now to introduce you to the other neighbours. Come and meet them.

Party is over and everyone go back:

Rakesh: Bye, we have to go; we have got such a pleasant get together. I am glad to attend your party.

Satish: Thank You for your lovely compliment, Bye.

I hope that from the above example, you can learn how to introduce yourself in English. You can also play with conversation between teacher and students. 

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