How to give a good and an effective presentation?

effective presentation

Hello everybody, today we will discuss in detail about presentation skills. I would like you to imagine a situation have you at any point in your school, in your college or at your workplace ever, faced a situation like this where in your teacher or your boss at work has asked you to give a good presentation on a particular topic in front of a group of people. What are the feelings that you go to do you feel challenged, anxious, nervous or you feel like hiding under your bed and never coming out again. If you go through such feelings this is a lecture for those. I would really urge you to read this because today we are going to tell you in detail about how to give a good presentation and an effective presentation? Let’s get started, what is the agenda today we will take a glance on about:

  • What is a presentation?
  • What are the steps of a good presentation?
  • Anatomy of a successful presentation and
  • The crux of our module
  • How to structure your presentation?
  • What is the checklist for a successful presentation?

This is what is in store for us today and I’m very excited to deliver you because this is one of my personal favourite topics so let’s get started.

If you have to define what is a presentation what do you exactly mean by the word presentation. A lot of people actually have a nightmare when it comes to giving a presentation in a room full of people it is not an easy task I must say when I started training a couple of years back I actually felt another breakdown because of the fact that I had to give a presentation in front of a room of people. I felt dizzy as well as nervous and my hands started to sweat. This is a phenomenon which happens with most of the people they get a nightmare about giving a presentation. You have a fear of phobia and that is something which we will challenge today in our detail.

We have to define what exactly a presentation is. It is a process of presenting the content of a topic through an audience which is consisting of one or more people it utilizes some kind of a visual aid. It is generally a PowerPoint file containing all the slides for a given content or a speech and it is a slide form of a PowerPoint presentation you need to put together things on a slide in terms of a PowerPoint and place it in front of an audience that is exactly what we mean by the term presentation.

Let’s look at what are the steps of giving a good order an effective presentation. There are certain steps which will help us:

The first step of actually giving our presentation is formulating a strategy whenever your teacher at school or your boss at work has given you this entire project of making a presentation. The first thing you need to do is make a strategy what is expected out of you, why are you making the presentation, the needs of the presentation, needs to be clear. You need to ask yourself certain questions ridges, you need to know the purpose of the communication what exactly are we trying to show to people with the help of this presentation, your communication needs to be clear you should know the audience and their expectations you should tailor our presentation according to the audience. A presentation is not about you it is about the audience completely. You need to understand what are their expectations from this particular presentation? What are their likes and dislikes? What part of the society they are coming from and what kind languages they speak? When you know your audience you will be able to completely tailor. Make according to their requirement you need to be concrete specific practical and relevant meaning. Your presentation should not be out of the box which has to be whatever is the requirement you need to make your presentation around that and your presentation needs to be brief and to the point. It should not be too elaborate and it should not be over-the-top. You need to make it relevant to the audience be clear about your objectives whether your objective of the presentation is to motivate people to persuade people, to inform them about something or draw the distance teach them about something you need to be clear and rather I would say be crystal clear on what is the purpose of your presentation and accordingly you need to make your presentation. Research your topic thoroughly, a presentation can be a complete disaster if you do not have researched your topic completely you need to know in and out about that topic because you need to be prepared completely and thoroughly on that topic. This is the first step of giving a good presentation know your strategy or formulate your strategy.

The second step which is developing of flexible and a flowing structure. Once you know what is the purpose of your presentation? You need to make a structure around that particular presentation. Let’s look at this step after knowing what you have to say, you need to organize all the material in a very structured manner, you need to research your topic. Get all the data but with all this data you cannot give a presentation, you need to edit it, you need to make it very polished hence you need to make it crystal clear don’t assume that information will speak by itself. You are the presenter and you need to speak on that particular topic. A presentation will not talk by itself audience might interpret the information in different ways. Everybody has a different mind-set and what you are actually trying to say to a presentation. People might not understand that so it’s important you need to clear it out to the audience. What you to say about that topic think on how you can hold the attention hence today the attention span of people is hardly anything. People will look at you or rather listening to you for only two to three minutes and then decide whether they actually want to listen to you or whether they want to switch off mentally and physically listen to you. You need to hold the attention of the audience and we will discuss in detail about that later how can you justify your ideas? Each and every idea of your topic that you have put down needs to be justified with a relevant factor or a figure, think from the audience point of view when you are giving a presentation gather when you are actually structuring your presentation. You need to think from an audience point of view it means you need to wear the audience’s hat and sit there and think whether the audience will really enjoy listening to this particular presentation. How can you convince the audience? Today is very difficult to convince people they have their own mind set about things hence it becomes important how will you convince the people is what you need to think about.

Now there are certain pointers or headings which will help you organize all of your structure and ideas in a particular way providing an outline or a roadmap. Your presentation cannot be hey why? It has to have a particular roadmap or a particular direction that it has to follow so widely intended and the expected benefit and the ground rules of the presentation. Organize the body of the presentation in a logical manner. There has to be an opening a body and a closing of your presentation. Your presentation cannot run in any direction you would want it to so it has to be logically and structurally presented plan ways to encourage audience participation. Sense it’s very easy to give a one-sided presentation wherein you are only talking and your audience is not reacting or responding. A good presentation is one in which there is two-way communication, you talk but at the same time you make sure that your audience also is engaged and is participating thoroughly maintain credibility discuss. Pros and cons you need to be looked as somebody who has an expertise on that particular topic you are talking about so hence credibility is very important conclude on a high note per presenter it is very important to start on a high load as well as concluding on a high note include an overall summary and proposed action. There has to be a good closing to a effective presentation. You cannot just give an abrupt closing so there has to be a conclusion with also a plan of action for the audience incorporates a lot of visual aids graphs and charts. Your presentation should not have only text it has to have images; it has to have a lot of graphs. If you are giving a sales presentation there needs to be charged graphics etc. and you need to also prepare for contingencies they have to be a plan B also in your presentation? what if something does not go right, what if there is a technical failure or your laptop is not working or your pen drive has conked off probably the speakers are not working there always has to be a plan B in your presentation.

Let’s look at the third step is the most important part of your presentation because here you are actually talking about when you are in front of your audience your effective presentation skills. I would like to inform you effective presentation style and personal confidence is as important as the actual content of your presentation. If you feel your presentation will talk by itself. It will not more than your presentation or the slides on your presentation. Your personal style as well as your presentation style is very essential and important. At certain ideas with regards to how do you present a particular presentation so; your presentation styles should have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. If I stand here and talk to you in a very dull and boring voice would you like to listen to me? I do not think so, there has to be an energy and a very good enthusiasm which make the audience feel of wow factor hence it is important there has to be a lot of attention to your body language the way you stand in front of an audience. You cannot be very projecting because it gives a sign that you are nervous and is stand properly in front of an audience talk to them in a proper manner do not fidget with your dress your hair etc. because it again is a sign of nervousness there has to be a proper body posture. You should not lean in any particular direction and you should never stand with hands in your pocket or hand fold it across your chest again it’s a negative or a closed body language. Your voice and tone should have a lot of modulation you should not speak in the same boring monotonous tone there has to be a high and a low and stressing on the right words and the right tone becomes essential and important juice you are appropriately.

A presentation becomes very dull and boring if there is no humour in it so crack some jokes even if your jokes are dumb it doesn’t matter but make people laugh in your presentation it really helps to build rapport and connect with your audience rather than making a one-sided speech which nobody would like to hear. Use mindful or rather be mindful of your negative gestures, do not bite your nails for example while you are talking to a set of audience negative gestures can be like scratching your hairs in front of an audience or digging your nose or cleaning your ear in front of an audience these are negative body languages and people can really catch you their intellectual and emotional when your presentation needs to have intellectual things in it as well as you need to be emotional about it. You need to connect with your people and be sensitive with your presentation.

The next step and the last step is very essential for a effective presentation because here we are talking about how do you deal with questions? which are coming from your audience. How you really tackle people? Anticipate questions and prepare the responses it’s very important that you need to in advance. Think about what are the kinds of questions which the audience might ask you related to the topic and you need to plan in a head of such. We heard answers to difficult questions. Once you have jotted down your important questions which my we asked you need to write down the relevant answers to those questions hence in one word prepare your questions in advance. Obtain additional information it is very important to have extra information. You will never know when you might use which information hence do a lot of research and collect a lot of information and you’ll be prepared with it. Use questions to strengthen your main points or rather your main arguments ask thought-provoking questions. You need to challenge your audience, you need to use them to your advantage so ask them a lot of questions or give them. Thought provoking question which makes them alert during your presentation, you don’t want an audience sleeping through your presentation to you so well keep them engaged ask a lot of open-ended questions. Open-ended questions will be in your favour because audience can really talk in detail about such kind of questions which will give you an idea about what is there on. Their mind do not digress from the topic whatever is the topic given to you, do not leave that and start talking in some other direction so remain true to your topic, commit to your topic which you have to talk about and do not die word here and there be honest if you don’t know the answer then say so now friends today people appreciate honesty. Honesty I feel is the best policy if a question is asked by an audience and if you do not know the answer to that question, it’s absolutely alright we are human beings and we are not robots, we are not supposed to know all the answers hence if you don’t know a particular answer to a question apologize and say you know what I don’t know the answer to that question but I will find that out for you.

Last but not the least control hijackers, you might have somebody in your audience who is asking you a lot of questions and making you divert from the topic such people are hijackers in your presentation and you cannot let them have their way so try to control these hijackers by making them the centre of attraction and that is when they will feel a lot demotivated and not asking too many questions. Let’s understand the most important part what is the checklist for effective and a successful presentation? You would want to know what the ingredients of a good presentation are.

Let’s have a look start preparing early, don’t wait to the last minute and that happens to most of us we take a lot of leisure time and preparing the presentation till the last minute comes where and we have to give a effective presentation and we are not ready so start preparing early as much as possible. Think about your audience what are the expectations and how you will connect with them be clear about the purpose of your presentation use a very effective introduction. When you are talking about an introduction it means introduce yourself in the highest regard and also you can introduce a story or joke or a nice quotation from a good author in your introduction. You can also use storytelling for the effective introduction. The introduction is the most important part because people actually make up their mind whether they want to listen to you or not listen to you. In your introduction those two or three minutes are extremely important to hold on to your audience. Organize your presentation in a clear and simple manner, keep it very simple and not used to meet jargon words, create an effective conclusion as important as an introduction.

A conclusion is also very important some spontaneous conversational and enthusiastic nothing works well then having a conversation with your people rather than making it very slight. Grooving presentation use the method of having a casual and conversational thing with your audience, use visual aids to the presentation. Any kind of visual aids in terms of using of PowerPoint or using graphs, using some kind of a whiteboard with a marker pen that really helps because it diverts the mind of people and visual people are more likely to hear you better cope with stage fright as it’s normal and everyone feels stage fright so there is nothing to worry about stage fright is absolute be normal.

Now, the conclusion is the effective presentation that plays an important role in improving our personality. You may also join our channel for more interesting video by clicking here.


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