How Role Play help to improve speaking skills

role play

For those who want to brush up their knowledge and practice to achieve perfection in speaking English? For those who want to shine as a public speaker learn speaking English by “Role Play” is an innovative concept to furnish speaking skill. You know that playing a role can be really fun so we will play a role in promoting our speaking skills, we will do that by forming a pair or team and start with topics like Conversation at shopping times, restaurants, ticket counters etc. Start with. You should practice consistently for this. You will see such results that you will overcome your hesitation to say something. You can play us today. You really enjoy this concept that is playing a role. It works better if done daily.

Having to deal with a person in a position of authority in English would make anyone nervous even a taekwondo champion. E.g. may I check you? Is a Yes or No question?  Which means a simple yes or no will do? But the wrong answer could have caused you a lot of trouble! So make it clear to yourself that we shouldn’t answer the questions which we don’t understand and whose consequences might not work in our favour. A good tip to practice common scenarios with the students is through role play. Role play is an imaginary situation where we play characters and roles to interact with each other. Role play is an important and fun concept for learning English. We all are do gossip or chat with someone every day. We communicate easily where we can talk in Hindi but what about those places where communication is only in English. There, another person cannot understand Hindi language and you have to talk to them. For that situation Role Play is very beneficial. English speaking by Role play is a daily life conversation where we create an imaginary locations and situation such as doctor’s clinic and write a dialogue then we play that role.

For Example:

How to speak in clinic?

Two or three persons may play the subject such that one may play as a doctor; another may play as a patient and the third person may play as a compounder. And they build Imaginary Clinics like childhood times where we played with the toys. After that play your role starting with a conversation in English.

It will help you with the language and make them more comfortable and confident to do the same in real life.

Another Example: Conversation at the reservation counter:

First Person: Hello, I have a reservation.

Second person: What is your last name?

First Person: The last name is Smith.

Second person:  Yes, sir.

First Person: You will be staying in room 18.

Second person:  It’s on the first floor.

Some students will be shy during this type of exercise, so make sure you have a welcoming environment where they feel safe. In fact, role plays can be a lot of fun! You can participate in the skit when you feel it is necessary to support your students.

Let’s try! You’ll soon see how relaxed and confident you become when interacting English Speaking by Role Play.


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