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Hello friends, I hope you have read my earlier daily use simple sentences and some synonyms and this may have helped you in learning English. As we are committed to bringing with you interesting daily use sentences and much more useful practice. Now today’s sentences and synonyms are mentioned below:

कोई अच्छा बावर्ची रख लो Engage some expert cook.
आराम से मेरा सर दबाओ Press my head gently.
हाथापाई मत करो Don’t scuffle/Do not scramble.
नंगे पैर मत जाओ Don’t go barefoot.
तौलिया निचोड़ दो Wring the towel.
वह कर्ज तले दबा हुआ है He is under debt.
मौज-मस्ती करो Have a ball.
हिलो- डीलो मत Don’t fidget.
दरवाजे पर कुंडी लगा दो Bolt the door
यहां से दफा हो जाओ Get lost from here / Buzz off from here.

Let us discuss some synonyms below:

  • Sworn – staunch, Oath
  • Chew upon – consider, contemplate, To Think
  • Bore – monotonous, dull, and tedious.
  • Overburden– overcharge, dominate
  • Stir – move, proceed
  • Eliminate – Erase, eradicate and repel


Understand with an example:

Yesterday, I met some of my old friends who were arguing in the favour of their own parties. All of them were staunch about their beliefs in the party they rely on. I interfered and pacified the heated argument. I asked them to contemplate over the matter they are holding forth. One of them laughingly replied that politics can never be a monotonous subject but sometimes, we overcharge ourselves just to prove us right. Finally, we moved to our home after having some fun.

Another Example:

As we know that the corona virus has spread all over the world and is still continuously attacking our health. So, Government always chew over to eliminate this pandemic and stir to normal days. We have to take an oath to take steps to distance ourselves from it. It is dominating our economy.


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