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Hello friends, as you know both speaking and writing English are essential in our life. You can go anywhere without hesitation if you can speak English fluently. Hindi is our mother tongue but, not everyone can understand Hindi but English is the official language and, it can be understood everywhere. Therefore, in the modern era, English learning has become very important to enhance our professional career as well as our communication skills. In daily conversation, we face difficulty in expressing some sentences. So, here is the platform where you can learn those daily use sentences in English and apply them. Here you will also find synonyms to better promote your vocabulary which play a main role in speaking English. Let’s start today’s sentences:

बकबक मत करो। Don’t babble.
मेरी सांस फूल रही है। I am panting.
खीं-खीं कर हंसना बन्द करो। Stop giggling.
अपनी शर्ट का बटन बन्द करो। Button up your shirt.
मुझे दोष मत दो। Don’t blame me.
अभी के अभी माफी मांगो। Apologize right away.
खिडक़ी को खुला छोड़ दो। Keep the window open.
मुझे इस बारे में कुछ नहीं पता। I have no clue about this.
स्कूल हमेशा समय पर पहुँचो। Always reach school on time
अपने पैसे गुल्लक में रख दो। Keep your money in piggy bank.

These above are some important daily use sentences in English, you should learn it.

We are human being and can’t retain all the things at one time so, we will start with 4-5 synonyms which would help increase your vocabulary . Let’s start with similar words –

Blame – Fault, Blemish, Flaw, Defect, Demerits.

Panting – Gasping, Breathe Heavily, Heave, Wheeze.

Apologize – Sorry, Pardon, Forgive, Remission, Regret.

Clue – Hint, Cue, Indication, Sign, Idea.

Let’s use these words with an example:

One day my grandmother and I went for a walk in the park. Because my grandmother has asthma, they asked me to keep the pump machine together but I forgot to carry it. When we were walking in the park, suddenly my grandma started gasping, and then I was nervous. Luckily, the house was nearby, I quickly put my grandmother on the chair and went to the house to get the pump machine where my grandmother had indicated me. I blamed myself and apologized to my grandmother, she lovingly understood me and forgave me.

Try this exercise and use multiple words in one paragraph. This may help you to retain vocabulary and improve writing skill of English. I am waiting for your next exercises with the use of these words. You can comment me and join me on my social media account.


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