Daily Use Sentences in English and vocabulary

daily use sentences in English.

Hello everyone. In the last session, we learnt some daily use sentences in English and also got familiar with some useful and simple vocabulary. You must use vocab in your routine life and try to start writing using new words otherwise you would forget them. Now, I am going to deliver you some more interactive sentences which you can remember and can be used in conversation with others. Let’s begin:

वह मेरा कट्टर दुश्मन है। He is my sworn enemy
यहाँ से चलते बनो। Get going on from here.
इस बात पर विचार करो | Chew upon this matter.
पत्ता तक नहीं हिल रहा | Not a leaf is stirring.
यह बात कुछ जमी नहीं | It didn’t hold good.
वह बड़ा ही बोर आदमी है| He is a crashing bore person.
शिष्टाचार ही इन्सान को बनाता है| Manners make a man perfect.
किसी से कुछ मत मांगो  | Don’t ask anyone for anything.
आज मेरे पास बहुत काम है| Today I am overburdened
कीमत कम होनी चाहिए| Prices should be brought down.

These are some important daily use sentences in English, you should learn it.

If we do not remember the words in the conversation, it ends the conversation. That is why, it is very important to retain the vocabulary. Now, we are going to learn some new words with its synonym.

Sworn Enemy: Implacable Enemy, Daggers drawn enemy, Cold blooded.

Taint: Stigma, Blur, Speck, Blot, Strain.

Happy – Gay, Joy, Bliss, Elation.

Highest Point – Saturation Point, Culminating point, Acme, Zenith.

Gaze – Glance, Glimpse, Quick look.

Enchant – Woo, Mesmerise, Fascinate.

Let us use some of the above words with an example.

Padmavati was very blessed with prosperity and beauty. She was married to Ratan Singh and they were blessed with married life. One day, Ratan Singh kingdom was attacked by Alauddin Khilji and he met Ratan Singh before the war. There, Alauddin Khilji’s gaze fell upon Padmavati and he was enchanted upon seeing her. He demanded Padmavati, but Ratan Singh refused all his requests, as Khilji’s anger went to its highest point and they became dragons drawn enemies. The war started and ended in the victory of Khilji but the attack was a stigma on Khilji’s personality.

Another Example – Ram and Shyam were very good friends. Lived together all the time and supported each other in every situation. They were feeling gay and their friendship reached a saturation point. Seeing this, some people started feeling jealous with them and tried to break their friendship. One day they became successful and brought misunderstanding in the friendship of Ram and Shyam which put a strain on their friendship and with the passage of time they became each other’s sworn enemy.

Try making yourself with the use of some of these words.


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