Conversation between waiter and customer in the restaurant

Conversation between waiter and customer in the restaurant

Conversation between waiter and customer in the restaurant

In this play, we will see a conversation between family members who are going to have dinner in the restaurant and a waiter who comes to take orders from them. Here, there are three members of the family, one John as the father, the other Lucy as the mother, and the third Amanda, who plays the daughter. Let’s start the play:

Amanda: Is this the restaurant you told us about dad.

John:  yes my dear Amanda it is let’s get in and see how it goes.

Entering into the Restaurant

Waiter of the restaurant: Welcome sir how can I help you?

John: We have a reservation for three in the name of Mr John

Waiter: Yes sir – table 22, follow me please have a seat, you are most welcome

John: Can you bring us the menu.

Waiter: Sure, here you are.

John: Give us five minutes to order please.

Waiter: As you like sir. Shall I bring anything for you to drink while you choose your meals?

John: We’ll take a strawberry juice.

Lucy: I’d prefer a hot chocolate.

Amanda: I’ll go with the hot chocolate

Waiter: Sure, I will be right back.

After a few minutes, the waiter arrives with the drink and

Waiter: Are you ready to order or should I wait a few more minutes.

John:  I’ll take a hamburger with fried potato and vegetable salad and you my lovely daughter what do you like to eat?

Amanda: I’ll have the pizza with extra cheese.

John: what about you darling.

Lucy:  For me I’d like to try the beef.

Waiter: Here would you like it rare medium or well done.

Lucy: Well done

Waiter: I will be right back.

John: Can you serve the order faster? We are starving.

Waiter: Sure, food will be served as fast as possible, sir.

After a few minutes, all the dishes were served on the table.

Amanda: This pizza looks so yummy; I can’t wait to taste it.

Lucy: The beef looks good too. I like its presentation. How about the hamburger, John?

John: It is so tasty and delicious too but it’s a little bit salty but it is okay for me I am so into salty food.

Amanda: Could you pass the mayonnaise for me mom.

Lucy: Sure, here you go.

Waiter: Did you enjoy your meals?

John: They were unforgettable and perfectly done we enjoyed every bite.

Waiter: So glad to hear that from you.

John: where can I wash my hands?

Waiter: Go straight and then go left to the end of the door.

John: Thank you, Can you bring the bill please?

Waiter: Sure, I will bring it in a moment.

John: Did you like the place?

Lucy: Yes, the food was so tasty and the decoration is so modern.

Amanda: It is the place we precisely were looking for thank you Dad. It was a good as gold day you are the kindest and most generous father on the whole earth.

John: and you are the most beautiful daughter anyone could ever have.

Now, this is the end of the Conversation between waiter and customer in the restaurant.  I hope you also enjoy this play.

You can also see the conversation between mother and daughter and use it to play.


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