Conversation Between Teacher and Students


In the role play concept, in this, we are going to provide you some interacting dialogues in different places which will help you to deliver English sentences at that place. Therefore, today we are looking at some simple conversation between teacher and students:

Conversation between Teacher and Students:

Teacher: Good Morning, Dear students

Students: Good Morning, Ma’am

Teacher: All bring your homework note book to me.

Student: Sorry Ma’am, I forgot my notebook at home.

Teacher: Did you do your homework.

Student: Yes Ma’am but I left my notebook at home.

Teacher: How is it possible? I think you have not completed your homework; it is just your excuse.

Student: Sorry Ma’am in fact, I had to go to my uncle’s yesterday.

Teacher: Do you prioritize other things for your studies? If yes, this is very strange thing.

Student: Next time I shall be careful.

Teacher: One more thing there is nothing important than study in the world.

Student: I have realised it ma’am

Teacher: Now you must develop your routine and show me your notebook tomorrow.

Student: Ok ma’am I will complete my notebook today

Teacher: Now you sit down

Student: Thank you ma’am


Another example of a conversation between Teacher and Students in school where you can find more sentences:

Let’s start:

Friends: The bell is ranging class is about to start. We should go inside. Let’s hurry up

Teacher: Good morning everyone,

Students:  Good Morning Teacher.

Teacher: How are you today?

Students: We are fine, thank you.

Teacher: I’m happy to hear that. It’s so great to see you again

Student: Teacher may I open the window.

Teacher: Certainly it’s very hot in the classroom today.

Student: Good morning teacher, I am sorry I am late. May I come in?

Teacher: Come in. Yes please you may go to your place

Student: Thank You teacher.

Teacher: Who can tell me what day is it today please raises your hand. Emma stands up.

Emma: It’s Monday

Teacher: Very good sit down.

Teacher: What date is it Jason.

Jason: Its September 17th

Teacher: Speak louder please I can’t hear you.

Jason: It’s September 17th.

Teacher: That’s right. Did you do your homework yes great? Let’s check it please open your books to page 20. Let’s read a text.

Student: Teacher may I ask you a question?

Teacher: Yes please

Student: What does that word mean?

Teacher:  That is environment.  Listen and repeat after me, environment.

Student: I don’t understand can you repeat please?

Teacher: How do you spell it?

Student: Excuse me teacher. I do not have a pen. May I lend one from my classmates?

Teacher:  yes, you may.

Teacher: Please come to the blackboard and write the days of the week on the blackboard. Well done. You may go back to your place. Please be quiet and stop talking and pay attention. What happened what was that noise?

Student: I’m sorry teacher, I took my pencil case.

Student: It’s okay. Please pick it up and who wants to clean the blackboard.

Student:  I do.

Teacher: It’s break time. Goodbye students.

Students: Good bye Teacher.

Emma: Would you like to go outside in the schoolyard.

Nimmy:  Yes that’s a very good idea. Let’s go.

Emma:  I have a snack that makes me very hungry.

Jason: What is your favourite subject?

Emma: My favourite subject is science. What about you.

Jason:  I love English very much.

Nimmy: I really like math it’s so awesome. Now, break time is over. Let’s go back into the classroom.

Emma: What class is next?

Nimmy: Sport. Do you like sport?

Emma: Yes I do but I like music more. I love singing.

Nimmy: What about you Sport is okay but my favourite class is geography. I enjoy traveling.

Jason: What time is it?

Emma: It’s 12 o’clock. It’s lunch time.

Jason:  Let’s go to the cafeteria and have lunch.

Emma: Yes let’s go I’m starving.

Nimmy: How is your lunch? Paul.

Paul: It’s delicious. I like rice very much. What about yours.

Nimmy: It is great. I have spaghetti. It smells terrific.

Emma: The school is over. It’s time to go home.

Nimmy: Would you like to come over to my place in the afternoon and play basketball?

Emma: Yes I would love to. Great I can’t wait see you later than!

These above are some of the Conversation between teacher and students . You can add some more dialogue and start the play.


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