Conversation between Shopkeeper and Customer

Conversation between shopkeeper and customer

Conversation between Shopkeeper and Customer

There is a grocery store and the customers are coming to buy something. Now, there are some dialogues delivery in English that help you understand what kind of sentences are used to buy in the grocery store. The play can be started with three people, one can play as a shopkeeper and another two people can play as a customer. Let’s start:

Rita: Hello.

Shopkeeper: Hello can I help you.

Rita: Yes please. I would sort of a loaf of light bread, a dozen eggs and milk.

Shopkeeper: Sure, how much milk would you like?

Rita: I’d like two cartons of milk.

Shopkeeper: Okay, anything else?

Rita: Yes a small bag of flour and a bottle of oil.

Shopkeeper: What kind of oil would you like?

Rita: A small bottle of olive oil please.

Shopkeeper: Here you are. Will that be all?

Rita: Yes, that’s all. How much is it?

Shopkeeper: That’s Rs.800.

Rita: Here you are.

Shopkeeper: and here is your receipt.

Rita: Could you please give me a bag?

Shopkeeper: Yes of course. Here it is. Have a nice day.

Rita: Thank you. Goodbye.

Shopkeeper: Goodbye.

Sonam: Hi.

Shopkeeper: Hi. What can I do for you?

Sonam: I would like a bunch of bananas and a kilo of red apples.

Shopkeeper: Uh. I’m afraid we only have green apples left. Is that Alright?

Sonam: Yes. That will be fine.

Shopkeeper: Anything else.

Sonam: Yes. Have you got any olives?

Shopkeeper: Yes. We have both green and black olives. Which do you prefer?

Sonam: I would like a jar of three olives.

Shopkeeper: Here you are.

Sonam: How much does it cost?

Shopkeeper: its Rs 750.

Sonam: Here you are.

Shopkeeper: And here is your change and receipt.

Sonam: Thank you. See you soon.

Shopkeeper: Thanks for coming.

This is the end of conversation between shopkeeper and customer Now, Let’s enjoy another play.

In this conversation mother and daughter is in the grocery shop for shopping. This may play with four people.  In this dialogues, there is a conversation between shopkeeper and customer, mother and daughter and cashier. Let’s See:

Simi: What are we going to buy from the grocery store mom?

Mom: Let’s first go in the produce section to buy fruits and vegetables. This is the produce section. We need tomatoes and carrots.

Simi: I would like to buy some oranges. They look so fresh.

Mom: Okay, you should put them in a plastic bag. We’ve run out of cereals, so we need to buy two boxes.

Simi: Are these okay.

Mom: Those are perfect. You can put them into the cart.

Simi: Mom, Can you buy some chips to have a snack a little later.

Mom: I’m afraid not. Chips are not healthy. I am getting to bake some cookies afterward , so you will have an excellent snack.

Simi: That sounds wonderful.

Mom: Let’s go and pick up the ingredients. We need flour, sugar and butter eggs and raisins.

Mom: This is the dairy section. Let’s take the butter and the eggs.

Simi: I would like to buy some yogurt too. Is that okay?

Mom: Yes, sure put it into the cart.

Simi: I take two cups.

Simi: Why have we come to the fresh meat section? Do we need to buy anything from here?

Mom: Yes we need chicken because I want to take a chicken broth.

Simi: Look, this frozen pizza must be delicious.

Mom: Please put it back you’ll have a delicious meal at home. Excuse me.

Shopkeeper: Yes, is there anything I can help you with?

Mom: yes I am looking for raisins.

Shopkeeper: Sorry, we’re out of raisins at the moment.

Mom: I see. What about the brown sugar?

Shopkeeper: It’s at the back near the bakery section, in Aisle three.

Mom: Thank you I will check there.

Shopkeeper: You’re welcome.

Simi: Look mom. These items are on sale they’re 25% off.

Mom: Yes, that’s a very good price. I’ll buy this cleaner.

Mom: Let’s go to the checkout now. We have finished shopping. Let’s put everything on the counter.

Cashier: Hello. How would you like to pay cash or with credit card?

Mom: I’ll pay with a credit card.

Cashier: That’s Rs.2000.

Mom: Here you are.

Cashier: Thank you. Have a wonderful day.

Mom: You too.

After reaching home they had some problem with the cheese packet, so mother came to shop to return the packet.

Mom: Excuse me.

Customer Service: Yes, how can I help you sir?

Mom: I bought this packet of cheese a little earlier today and I’ve just noticed it’s rancid, so I would like to return it.

Customer Service: Sure, I’m sorry about that. You’ll need to show the receipt.

Mom: Yes I’ve got the receipt. Here it is.

Customer Service: No problem here’s your money.

Mom: Thank you.

Customer Service: Have a nice day you too.

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