Conversation between mother and daughter


Conversation between mother and daughter about how to celebrate a birthday?

Role Play helps to enhance our English speaking so, we are providing following dialogues to play:

Nimi: Good Morning mummy, don’t you feel that you forgetting something.

Mummy: What am I forgetting? I think I have finished all household chores. Help me recall.

Nimi: Is there something special next week?

Mummy: What special?

Nimi: oh, Mummy! How could you forget it? It’s my birthday next week.

Mummy: I remember Nimi. How can I forget that auspicious day?

Nimi: Mummy, I want to celebrate it with my friends

Mummy: Yeah sure, invite all your friends here. I shall cook delicious eatables at home itself.

Nimi: No mummy, I want to throw a party at restaurant.

Mummy: Why at restaurant. You all can have fun at home also.

Nimi: Mumma please! My all friends throw their birthday party at restaurant.

Mummy: Hmm….let me talk to your father but don’t spoil your mood.

Nimi: Ok Mumma. I love you; you are the best mother in the world.


Another example: Request for permission to go on a picnic.

Conversation between a mother and a daughter

Son: I have a request to you.

Mother: Tell meet please.

Son: My class is going in a picnic to Mysore.

Mother: What is your purpose?

Son: I also want to travel with my class.

Mother: Who are going on picnic?

Son: Joy, Kevin, anna, Rahim and all are going on picnic.

Mother: For how many days is your class going to Mysore?

Son: Only for one week.

Mother: When will your class go?

Son: Tomorrow morning.

Mother: Okay. You may go. How much money do you want?

Son: Only two thousand and five hundred.

Mother: All right take your money.

Son: Mummy, It is great pleasure, You have allowed me to go on picnic.

Mother: Keep mobile with you so that connection between you and me could remain alive.

Son: Okay. Please give me three sweets of different varieties and pack my bag.

Mother: Okay.

Son:  Please give me your camera so that I could take different photos of my friends and myself.

Mother: okay, I will give you that.


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