10 Daily use simple sentences and Vocabulary

10 daily use simple sentences

10 daily use simple sentences with some synonyms and antonyms

If you really want to learn to speak English then you should take care of vocabulary. You will never be able to speak fluently without knowing the words. In these vocabulary series we are going to introduce some new words, which not only enhance your speaking, but are also helpful for your competitive exams like SSC, DSSSB, UPSC and Bank exams. Let’s start:

  • Purloin = Steal, Thieve, Take

For Example: I was using a pen that I had purloined from the office.

  • Din = A loud unpleasant confused noise, Commotion, Turmoil, Clamour, Disquiet, Pandemonium.

For Example: The children were making a terrible din.

  • Permanence = Remain unchanged, stability, permanency, durability, Perpetuation.

For Example: The permanence of industry in any state must be proportioned to the certainty of its reward.

  • Rogue = A dishonest man, deceiver, cheater, scoundrel.

For Example: The office manager is a rogue.

  • Emancipate = Release, Free, Exonerate, absolve.

For Example: Accused emancipate from the jail.

  • Eerily = Strange and frightening manner, bizarre, weirdly.

For Example: There was something eerily familiar about the house.

  • Gloat = to express great pleasure or satisfaction, exult, rejoice, relish.

For Example: He was there to gloat over their defect.

I have come up with 10 daily use simple sentences which can be included in your previous sentences. Let’s see and understand these sentences:

फ़िजूल खर्च मत करो Don’t spend recklessly.
मुझे परेशान मत करो | Don’t trouble me/ don’t get on my nervous.
अपना दिलो दिमाग काम में लगाओ | Put your hand and heart to work.
मुझे बक्श दो | Spare me
मेरी नजर से दूर हो जाओ | Keep out of my sight/Get out of my sight.
मेरी आफत मत करो | Don’t create a chow for me.
वह खुशी से फूल गयी | She puffed up with joy.
उसने जोर से चीख मारी| She gave out a loud yell.
मुझे मत बहकाओ | Don’t coax me.
मुझे धोखा मत दो | Don’t bluff me.

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